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Fall 2017 Wish List

I know I know. How dare I utter the words Fall or Autumn when it is still very much summer.

I’m not trying to rush the summer away but I am trying to be proactive and starting thinking about Fall and all the lovely things Fall brings. One of which is the best wardrobe of the year! I love me some leggings, boots, sweaters, toques etc etc. and I’ve started to browse around to see what I can add to my collection this year!

This is a very early wish list but for the sake of not missing out I might just pick up a few of these items sooner than later!!



I’m clearly really loving the muted dusty tones and over all comfy vibe!

Couple of notes: the lace-up hoody also comes in black and I seriously cannot decide between it or the light pink one pictured! Any advice? Also, I wont be picking up two jackets this season but cant make up my mind between the khaki or the camo. I think camo is way more casual but casual suits my lifestyle… decisions decisions…

What is on your fall wish list this year??

Coming soon… Alfie’s Fall Wardrobe Haul!

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My Postpartum Body

Happy Thursday!

Today is my Friday so woohoo! Bring on the EXTRA long weekend!

Today I wanted to share a little about my postpartum body and fitness struggles this first year being a Mum. This is obviously just my opinion and journey but I’m sure a lot of you can relate so here goes…

May 12, 2016

First of all, I LOVED being pregnant. Aside from the puking, nose bleeds and hormonal rollercoaster of the first 3 months, being pregnant felt very natural and comfortable to me. I loved my pregnant body, I loved showing off the bump and I felt super confident and happy in my own skin (okay could have done without the “bacne” but c’est la vie).

And then I gave birth and felt like freakin’ Wonder Woman! Super strong and capable. I was riding those endorphin waves like a pro and was so proud of my body. I’m not sure if it was because Alfie was 6 weeks early, hence I didn’t grow for another 6 weeks or what but I lost my belly very quick. I was wearing pre-pregnancy jeans a week after he was born and high-waisted “skinny” jeans less than a month later.


I felt AMAZING. but it more had to do with him and being a mum than my body. I still had painful breastfeeding boobs, sleepless nights, acne and all that comes with Motherhood.

I received a lot of “omgosh you’ve lost all your weight” “your tummy is so flat” etc etc and to be honest, as nice as the compliments were, it made me feel SUPER awkward because other than caring for a baby and the occasional walk I had done nothing to “bounce back”. No exercise and I wasn’t eating terribly but I also wasn’t  being excessively healthy either.

Don’t get me wrong it was lovely feeling like my old self and not having to stress about my body at this point but I also felt guilty that I wasn’t exercising at all.

Fast forward to March. I was weening Alfie and I swear I gained 5lb the week he stopped breastfeeding. I knew it burnt a lot of calories but seriously!? In April I decided to try the Tone It Up Bikini Series, to get myself back in the routine of exercise because I knew I was getting weaker and softer. I had good weeks and bad weeks but didn’t notice any real changed (hello! consistency is key girlfriend).


I’ve always struggled with staying consistent with fitness but then throw in a baby who wakes up at the crack of dawn and just the “stuff” I needed to do each day, I found it hard to prioritize and MAKE the time to work out.

So now currently, I’m still struggling to make the time, I’m super self conscious about the cellulite on my legs and hate that I feel less like me a year after giving birth than I did 2 months after. And jeeze these post breastfeeding boobies have literally no life left in them…

I’m also nervous that when I get pregnant again, I’ll be starting at an unhealthy state and will struggle more with it all later.

My main reason for writing this post is to share some honest feelings but also hold myself accountable. I’ve signed up for 4 Oxygen Yoga classes this week and I’m motivated to make healthy choices going forward. I want to be as strong and healthy as I can be because I’m happier when I feel strong and I also want to be a good example and motivator for Alfie! Plus Brandon is going to the gym like 6 days a week and I can’t be the slobby wife! (jokes)

What kinds of workouts do you like to do? or any tips for a busy mum? I’m all ears!


A July Update

Wow! I cannot believe it is already August! and halfway through summer.

July has been both busy and relaxing. Due to my lack of blog posts I thought it might be appropriate to do a little update of the month….

The first week of July was my first week back at work after maternity leave. I was both excited and nervous. I’m so lucky that Alfie is hanging out with family while I’m at work so he and I were totally comfortable with who and where he was all day but I was a little nervous/sad to spend so many hours away from him and how the transition was going to be but…

Alfie is a ROCKSTAR! Literally no issues. I should feel hurt that he simply waves goodbye and gets busy playing but I’m just so happy that he’s happy and it’s really made me make the best of ours hours and days together.


We also spent a weekend in Seattle. I haven’t been to Seattle in years and really fell in love with the City! We were super touristy but why not? Went to Pike Place Market and a Mariners game on the Saturday. I don’t follow baseball but loved exploring Safeco Field and of course people watching (creep alert over here!)


Sunday we did a Duck Tour. Highly recommend if the city you’re traveling to offers them! Pretty informative and super hilarious but also a good way to see the city if you only have a couple days. And then we headed home to snuggle the Alf man.


We had a couple of first birthday parties to go to this month. So fun seeing all these babies turn into toddlers! And also makes me say “I cant believe it’s already been a year” an embarrassing amount of times.


The relaxing aspect of our month was spent, lounging in the yard, playing on playgrounds and swimming with friends. Alfie has become such a little explorer and I’m looking forward to the months ahead to see what other adventures we can all get up to!


This week and weekend we will be experiencing a heat wave! Totally fine while I’m working in my air conditioned office but don’t mind me this weekend as I melt into a puddle…..





Bucket List – Summer



We’re already 3 weeks into summer but I haven’t officially written down my summer bucket list (sometimes it take time to formulate the perfect list ya know?). Here goes:

  1. Go to the beach – obvious I know but honestly not something we do a lot and considering we live on the coast it’s something we should do more often!
  2. Host a family BBQ – we LOVE to bbq, if it can be grilled Brandon wants to grill it. We  had a bbq for Alfie’s bday but it technically wasn’t summer yet and it’s nice to have a “just because” backyard shindig too!
  3. Get Bear in a lake – He’s a lab, he should love to swim but in his handful of lake experiences he just preferred to hang out on the shore… maybe this year?
  4. Eat the waffles from Krause Berry Farms – I’ve only heard amazing things about breakfast there but have yet to go so it’s definitely going to happen this summer!
  5. Get a pedicure – this is more of a necessity than anything…
  6. Make s’mores – drooling as I type
  7. Go on a sister date – one of my favourite things to do! Doesn’t matter where we are we always have a good time 🙂
  8. Read 2-3 books – I recently saw that Zoella is doing her book club again this year and thought why not? I love reading but don’t always know what to read next so I ordered 4 of the 8 books in her club and will get started with those. I’ll definitely do a book review or two as I go through them.
  9. Go see a movie – okay, this doesn’t really seem bucket list worthy, but seeing a movie in theatres when you have a one year old is impossible. So we’ll have to plan a date night and convince someone to hang out with Alfie (totally joking, considering people beg to hang out with him!)
  10. Enjoy a cold one, or 2 on the deck – this has been happening all summer long but I want it to continue to happen!


I think that’s a good start anyways, I’ll probably be adding a few more as the weeks progress. What do you have on your summer bucket list?


Oh Canada – 150 years!


This post is a little late but still worth sharing. July 1st was this past Saturday and it was a day to celebrate Canada! On her 150th birthday, we decided to enjoy one of the things we love most about our beautiful country and that’s the great outdoors.

With a lack of preparation and a temperamental 1year old we opted for a shorter walk instead of a strenuous hike but my oh my was it a beautiful walk.

We drove out to Rolley Lake and completed the trail around the perimeter of the lake. The beach was full of families enjoying the sun and water but the trail wasn’t very busy at all.

After our walk (and numerous photo opts) we relaxed in the shade so Alfie could get some wiggles out before we loaded back into the truck.

The ride back was made perfect with a quick detour through the Dairy Queen drive thru and a couple of yummy blizzards!

Canada we love you and I love celebrating you with my boys!

*this might be my favourite picture of all time! “Oh hey guys!”



Mom Guilt


Mom guilt. It’s a thing. And it’s almost crippling.

By the end of the day, I feel guilty about everything. Was the tv on too long? Did Alfie eat enough or healthy enough? Did the chores get done? If the chores got done, did I spend enough quality time with Alfie? I didn’t workout. I did workout but something else suffered. Bear didn’t get a walk today. Bear seems sad. We threw the ball around though. Bear is so hairy, damnit I didn’t vacuum! My office is a disaster! I’m so disorganized. Did I make a bottle for tomorrow morning? Nope… hold that thought… (this is happening live)

Okay bottle made. Did I even communicate with Brandon? Or did we just go through the motions? We should plan a date night. But is that pointless spending? Note: pay the visa. I need to eat better and get those workouts in. But I want some personal time too. I shouldn’t WANT to be alone. I love my family. Etc etc you get the point.


I don’t know where it comes from. Before becoming a mother, I was never this concerned with my day to day activities. But now that I’m responsible over someone else’s wellbeing and overall growth as a human I’m hyper aware about that task as well as every single thing I do!

Some days are worse than others but I’d have to think really hard about a night I fell asleep thinking “I couldn’t have done anything better today! I was all over it!”

And you know what? That’s wrong. I’m a great mother. Could I do better sometimes? Of course! But I won’t be a good mother or wife if I’m constantly berating myself for the small mistakes or shortcomings throughout the day. I do think it’s good to reflect, however I don’t think every night listing out every little failure is positive reflecting. It’s simply attacking yourself. Can you imagine if you did that to your friend or spouse? It would be abuse.

So I’m writing this as a reminder to stop abusing myself. To try my best always but to not hate myself if my best could be better that day. To take each day as a step forward and not relive the negative moments but to rejoice in the positive ones.

As they say on One Bad Mother ( <- podcast give it a listen), “You’re all doing a great job!”


A Weekend in the Okanagan


Last weekend we packed up the family and drove to the Okanagan, specifically Osoyoos.

Both Brandon and I spent many a Summer holiday in BC’s desert and have so many fun memories there. I love that we can now start to create new memories with Alfie and our family and see all these places through a childs eyes again.



My parents had their 5th wheel on Lake Osoyoos at NK’MIP campground so we stayed there with them. It wasn’t super hot and sunny (like they called for.. damn weather app) but it was warm enough and the overcast meant no nasty sunburns.



To be honest Alfie struggled at night. I think the different environment, long daylight and sleeping with others in the room were just too much for him and he just wanted to hang out and play in the middle of the night. But since he’s so good natured, he was his typical happy self all day and actually napped really well. So I should just say Brandon and I struggled haha.



Our days consisted of playing, park hangs, paddle boarding, kayaking, eating, drinking, eating some more and just relaxing and hanging out.


I love road trips and look forward to all the family adventures we get up to in the months and years to come!



Alfie – My Birthday Boy

First bday cake

Last week my baby boy turned one year old. This is a BIG DEAL. Not to him of course but to us as parents, it is. I can’t speak for everyone but to me it’s a big deal simply because, WE MADE IT. We made it one trip around the sun, through all four seasons, numerous holidays and occasions, a few road trips, countless sleepless nights, a couple colds, a scary incident involving peanut butter, the big milestones and everything else life throws at you in a year. And we survived. Even thrived.

I was emotional of course. Not in the “my baby is all grown up” way (I want him to continue to grow up and develop and one day move out and love someone more than me… *sob*). I was emotional because the eve before his birthday one year ago I started a journey I will never forget. Motherhood is all consuming, life changing and freakin’ hard but I don’t wish to be doing anything different. I appreciate every little thing I have learnt and experienced this year even if it resulted in a few grey hairs and a new constant look of tired.

Alfie - deck

I hope to write more posts about my journey of motherhood (both funny and serious – because that’s what it is) on this blog but today I’ll leave you with how we spent the Alf-mans big day.

Alfie - kitchen

We threw him a first birthday party the day before his actual birthday (I’ll write a post on that if my computer ever decides to recognize my SD card…) but on his birthday, Brandon and I spent the day simply enjoying Alfie. It was gorgeous so we ventured into Fort Langley and bought him his very own Herschel back pack, for his future day care experiences, walked around and had lunch at Trading Post Brewery. It was perfect and I hope we always find a way to spend our birthdays together like this as a family.

Alfie Tap&amp;barrel 2Alfie Tap&amp;barrel

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The start of something new…

Photo Credit: Lumiere Photo Co


Hello & welcome to The Dash In-between! My little corner of the internet.

This is not my first attempt at a blog but I hope it will become my most consistent. As an avid blog reader, I have always wanted to call my self a blogger but just never felt like I had much to say. I have recently realized though, that the blogs I love the most are the ones who are simply true to themselves. So my goal here will be to stay as real as possible. Some weeks that might mean posts about failed recipes and comfy outfits or it could be travel & day trips and funny stories about my family. Only time will tell.

My name is Britt and I’m a 28 year old wife and mum to Alfie, a 1 year old little man and an almost 3 year old lab/husky named Bear. I love nights on our deck, reading, cold ciders with friends, reality TV competitions, family vacations, country music and jeans & sneakers. I always take off all my makeup before bed but never paint my fingernails (since having a baby at least) and I know all the words to just about every Garth Brooks song.

Speaking of… the name of this blog is my life motto which is inspired by the song Pushing up Daisies, sung by the aforementioned Mr. Brooks.

There’s two dates in time
That they’ll carve
On your stone
And everyone knows
What they mean
What’s more important is
The time that is known
In that little dash
There in-between

So welcome again to The Dash In-between, the place I hope to document memories that form my dash in-between and share in this beautiful blogging community.